Discover Elounda with Our Signature Boat Trip Elounda

Let's go on a breathtaking journey to the heart of Crete's coastal splendor with our exclusive Boat Trip Elounda. Renowned for its crystal-clear waters, luxurious resorts, and serene beaches, Elounda is a must-visit destination for those seeking both relaxation and adventure on the sea.

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Motor Boat Trip

If a bit more adrenaline is what you seek, opt for our thrilling speed boat tours. Available for hourly bookings, these tours let you customize your adventure, whether you want a quick exploration of Elounda’s coastline or an extensive tour that covers all the hidden gems. Feel the excitement as you zip through the waves and discover areas inaccessible by larger vessels.

Boat Trip to Elounda
  • Spinalonga Island: A short ride from Elounda, this island is famous for its historic fortress and its poignant past as a leper colony. A visit here offers a deep dive into Crete's history.
  • Sunken City of Olous: Near Elounda, the remnants of the ancient sunken city of Olous are visible through the clear waters, offering an intriguing snorkeling experience.
  • Plaka’s Pebbled Beaches: Just a stone's throw from Elounda, the village of Plaka boasts beautiful pebbled beaches and crystal-clear waters, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.
Boat Trip to Elounda City

What to Expect on Your Boat Trip to Elounda

Scenic Beauty: Enjoy unparalleled views of the rugged Cretan landscape and the calm, turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.
Local Cuisine: Sample the fresh, local cuisine at a waterfront taverna in Elounda or the village of Plaka, where the sea's bounty is transformed into culinary delights.
Personalized Service: Our knowledgeable crew is dedicated to ensuring you have a memorable experience, tailoring the trip to your preferences and providing insights into the area's history and culture.

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Ready to explore the stunning coastline of Elounda? Book your Boat Trip Elounda today and choose from our luxury yachts or exciting speed boats to craft your perfect sea adventure. Whether you're looking to relax under the sun, explore ancient ruins, or enjoy water sports, our trips offer something for everyone.

Don't miss the opportunity to see why Elounda is considered one of Crete's most picturesque destinations. Join us for a journey you won't forget!