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Food in Crete

A special mention must be made to Cretan food! The Cretan cuisine is one of the most instantly recognizable cuisines in Greece. If you have time, try to take a food tour so you get a crash course of what it’s all about!

Barley rusks, a huge selection of Cretan cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables, fantastic olives and olive oil, goat meat, snails and plenty of fish are all part of the Cretan diet, along with Cretan honey and the famous alcoholic drink called raki or tsikoudia.

Locals will have it at any time of the day or night, and they will treat you to a few shots after every meal. It is a strong drink, and goes well with your Cretan vacation. Just remember not to overdo it on the day before hiking the Samaria gorge!

10 Local Dishes and Drinks from Crete to try are:
  1. Dakos
  2. Gamopilafo
  3. Chochlioi Boubouristi (Fried snails)
  4. Apaki
  5. Sfakia pies
  6. Kalitsounia
  7. Chaniotiko Boureki
  8. Sarikopitakia
  9. Lamb with stamnagathi
  10. Raki

Source: Dave’s Travel Pages